Probably the best First Aid course and Instructor that I’ve encountered and I’ve taken several! It was engaging, fun and a great learning “environment”. Thank you Joan. Kate – RCMP  


Joan’s personality and interpersonal skills make her learning from her very effective. Her depth of knowledge in this area is comforting. A pleasure to be in her class.  Dave – RCMP


The best CPR-First Aid course to date! Your teaching techniques and personality makes it easy to understand and remember what to do in case of a live situation. Thank you.  Annabellene – RCMP


This is the first time I have taken a First Aid course where we learned the content in such a manner that I will retain it after the course. Very engaging! Ryan – RCMP  


Fantastic course and great instruction. Thanks! Nicole- Osgoode Youth Association


I think the course was awesome! It was good to hear about Joan’s real life experiences as she went through different sections of the course. Having an opportunity to work through a variety of situations was a great learning experience and I learned more by doing it wrong first and then getting shown the right way.
Jenn – Elementary School Teacher


I wanted to thank you for arranging the first aid course. Kevin and I had a lot of fun and we feel more confident should a situation arrive and we had to use our new skills. Joan was a great instructor and kept us on our toes for the full two days! Sheri – Elementary School Teacher


I particularly enjoyed her enthusiastic approach, the real life scenarios she used to illustrate certain points, and most of all, I enjoyed her book vs. reality talks. Joan’s obvious passion for the course itself and the practice of First Aid helped to keep me fully engaged throughout the two days. She was entertaining, extremely knowledgeable, and perfectly suited for her job. I have attended a number of different First Aid courses throughout the past 10 years, and I have never been as well educated and well prepared to respond to First-Aid situations as I am now after taking Joan’s course. She was excellent. Chris – Elementary School Teacher


This is not your average First Aid Course! It was a lot of fun. I especially enjoyed Joan’s creative and entertaining scenarios! Although there was a laid back atmosphere, I have never felt more confident as I do now about responding to First Aid situations after taking Joan’s course. Leigha Quinn – Elementary School Teacher


Joan was one of the best First Aid instructors I have ever had. As a lifeguard, I have encountered a variety of instructors but never had any that were quite as good! Joan was extremely thorough, used real life applications and always ensured there was a clear level of understanding before moving on. I believe that her experience as a paramedic and a trainer allows for her students to gain a better understanding of how to use the knowledge she has given. Thank you so much! Brittany Meyer


Joan made this course fun, interactive and interesting! I look forward to taking more courses. Julie Goldring


Joan is a fantastic teacher because she keeps the information coming in so many interesting, fun and creative ways! She is a great listener and observer of her students in the room. Best teacher I have ever had for such challenging subjects. I highly recommend her for any category of teaching! Sharman Smith 


Joan made great use of time, very knowledgeable on subject matter. Best course yet! Jeffrey – RCMP


After 34 years of police work, “finally an instructor” who made this course fun and interesting. Absolutely brilliant!
Dwight – RCMP


I have taken between 10-12 First Aid courses in the last 30 years. This was by far the best one. Instructor keeps you engaged, interested and her teaching style will ensure candidate’s retention of material.
Pierre  – RCMP 


This is simply the best First Aid Course ever taken in 34.5 years. Joan is great at keeping everyone “engaged” “interested” and “participating” in the learning.  Gilles – RCMP


Absolutely the very best First Aid course I’ve received in my 28 years of service. Clear, concise instruction, easy to understand. The instructor made it interesting and enjoyable. Byron – RCMP


Joan made this course interesting and fun. Joan used scenarios frequently to make later recollection easier. Her easy going personality removed anxiety and made learning easy and fun. Her background as an EMT enabled her to respond without consulting manuals when asked questions by course candidates. She really knows her stuff!
Cathy – RCMP


Very knowledgeable and professional in delivery.  Wade – RCMP


Instructor’s depth of knowledge and experience well matched by her practical focused style of presentation. An excellent refresher for important skills.  Stephen – RCMP  


Joan was dynamic, made the course fun and interesting and provided many real-life examples to assist in the learning. Her skill and experience were evident. Deputy Commissioner Peter Henschel- RCMP  



Very dynamic instructor who made the learning both fun and engaging. Superintendent Steve Nordstrum – RCMP 



Absolute pleasure having Joan as an instructor. Her teaching style combined with her extensive experience provided real-world and credible examples critical to this type of course. Inspector Mike O’Beirne – RCMP 



Easily the best First Aid/CPR course I have ever taken. The instructor was knowledgeable, engaging and fun. Sergeant Colin Miller – RCMP 



Very engaging instructor. I appreciated the “real life” illustrations and practical instruction of the course.
Sergeant Joseph Hull – RCMP 



Very dynamic, knowledgeable and entertaining instructor. Made learning enjoyable. Sergeant Pierre Piche – RCMP 



Presented at a very professional level. Very knowledgeable. Best First Aid course I have ever taken to date. Corporal Denis Daze – RCMP