People Savers


Savers DESCRIPTION: Designed to teach safety awareness and basic first aid to elementary school-aged children. There are four age appropriate People Saver levels taught by the People Savers Facilitator. Using workbooks participants follow the People Savers characters through a variety of everyday situations that are potentially dangerous and learn to Check for Safety, Call for Help, and Care for an Injured Person.

  • 1-4 Hours depending on age
  • Skills for youth aged 5-12

Learn to:

  • Check for Safety
  • Call for Help
  • Care for an Injured Person


  • Level 1 (age 5-6): $35.00
  • Level 2 (age 7-8): $40.00
  • Level 3 (age 8-10): $45.00
  • Level 4 (age 10-12): $50.00