Courses description

  • Emergency First Aid & CPR

    A practical guide for First Aid & CPR at home and at work. Simple First Aid and CPR techniques taught in an interactive environment for individuals who need just an overview of First Aid & CPR
  • Standard First Aid & CPR

    Comprehensive First Aid & CPR techniques for those who need training for work requirements or who want more knowledge to respond to emergencies.

    This course is designed to provide various levels of CPR Training based on participants background, needs and interest. Training on how to use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). AED certification is also provided with the course where legislation permits.
  • Oxygen Therapy

    In this course, participants learn how to operate various oxygen delivery devices, as well as respond to and treat respiratory emergencies. The course is applicable to those who may be required to use oxygen as a first aid skill in the workplace.
  • Child Care Emergency First Aid & CPR

    An overview of First Aid and CPR techniques, taught in an interactive environment, for individuals who care for infants or children, and for parents or any family member who cares for a baby or child.
  • Child Care Standard First Aid & CPR

    Comprehensive First Aid and CPR training for individuals who need training for child care or early childhood education work, and for parents or any family member who cares for a baby or child.

Youth Programs

Red Cross First Aid. Prepare for Life™ Canadian Red Cross First Aid & CPR training is basic knowledge delivered in easy-to-follow steps. We offer two courses geared specifically for young people, these courses teach simple routines that can apply to a variety of situations. This knowledge can turn your clients from a bystander into someone who has the knowledge and skills to help: someone who can save a life!

  • Babysitting

    The Babysitting Course teaches youth how to handle emergencies with confidence by providing the basic first aid skills. For many young adolescents, babysitting is their first job, and Red Cross courses can help them become real “pros”! They learn valuable tips:
  • People Savers

    Designed to teach safety awareness and basic first aid to elementary school-aged children. There are four age appropriate People Saver levels taught by the People Savers Facilitator. Using workbooks participants follow the People Savers characters through a variety of everyday situations that are potentially dangerous and learn to Check for Safety, Call for Help, and Care for an Injured Person.